A Night in Vegas

By: SubbingForSir

It’s our last day in Vegas and we are tried of all the people, so you decide to surprise me with a trip out of town. You wake me up and tell me to jump in the shower we are going to go look at some scenic sites.
When I get out of the shower you jump in yourself and tell me to go get dressed clothes are laid out for me. I am only to wear what is laid out no questions asked.

I walk into the room and find some clothes on the bed in a small pile, with a note on top “Hair in pig tails and lipstick (bring with you for touch ups)”. A front clasp bra, a button down dress, a pair of ruffle socks and pair of Keds. As I go thru the pile again I take note of no underwear stirring wetness between my legs. After I dress I sit on the bed and wait for you. You come out of the bathroom wrapped a towel and a hard on peeking out from under the towel, increasing the dampness you are creating. You quickly dress, with no underwear and loose fitting, easy access sweatpants. You walk over to me and ask to see my wrist. As I expose my wrist you hold up a bracelet and ask if I want to play, no questions asked. I quickly agree and await my makeshift collar squirming in excitement. As I hear the snap of the cool metal bracelet fasten around my wrist I can already feel my nipples harden, and I know I am in for an exciting day.

You tell me to stand up, as I do you position me near our floor to ceiling high floor windows and unbutton my dress to view my bra and bare wet pussy. You reach over and unclasp the front of my bra exposing my hard nipples. Taking time to caress each one before refastening the bra and stepping back and asking me to adjust my tits as necessary. I reach into each cup and lift each of my tits to property set them making sure to lift just high enough to teach you with a slight nip slip. You step forward and kiss me pressing me up against the glass, undoing my bra again, saying “I need to see that again” then sliding your hand up my thigh and into my wet pussy causing me to arch my back and moan in anticipation. Whispering in my ear “Oh, I need a quick dip in that before we can leave.” You place your hands on my hips and pull me a few steps away from the window, flip me around and push my head down. Pushing me back to the window to use for leverage. You quickly whip your rock hard cock out and slide it into me. Taking a few hard strokes as I push back against your thrusts. feeling my tits swing violently, as you pound deep inside me. Just as I feel the excitement building deep inside me, you remove your cock and tuck it back into your sweatpants. You stand me back up still facing way from you, push me back towards the window and tell me to stay. As I stand there dress open, bra unclasped, and pussy juices threatening to drip down my leg. I hear you move behind me pulling something out of a drawer. You tell me to close my eyes and I feel something cool around my neck, You fasten what I can tell is a necklace: new collar perhaps?, my brain races as my excitement still lingers. You tell me this is a preview of what is to come as my hand feels a pearl type necklace pressing against my skin, You kiss me hard and tell me to fasten my bra and button my dress so we can head out.

We get into the car and as you start it up you tell me to unbutton all un-necessary buttons on my dress. I do as told as we get ready to pull out of town. As we get out of town and away from all people. We are on some back road with not another person in site. you tell me it is time to unbutton the top of my dress and let my tits out to you get get full access to see and touch as needed. I look down and see your cock is rock hard thinking about what is to come, which makes me start to squirm once again as I feel myself getting wet thinking about your dick. You look at me and tell me my next task is to unbutton the bottom of my dress up to the belly button and expose my pussy. I do as told and am waiting for you to touch me, but instead you tell me to touch myself. I look over to if you are serious and I see you have your erect dick in your hand stroking it lightly. Seeing you touch yourself instantly turns me on as I slide my hand down into my pussy. Sliding my fingers in and out of my pussy while I use the other to rub my clit. You tell me no to make myself cum that is your job and your job alone. As you watch me work over my pussy your stroke on yourself becomes a bit faster and you look for somewhere secluded to pull over.

You find a safe place to pull over with nobody for miles. You pop the hatch on the car and tell me to stay and put on some lipstick. You have been dreaming about my lipstick on your dick all day. I fix my lipstick in the mirror while you set something up behind the car. Once done you walk around to my side of the car and open the door and hold out your hand to take the lipstick and help me out of the car. After you close the door behind me you take a few minutes to finish unbuttoning my dress so my body is fully exposed to you. You press me against the car kissing me passionately while pulling your dick out to rub it against my wet hot pussy sliding in just the tip causing me to groan longing to feel you slide all that you have deep inside me. After a bit you lead me around to the back of the car when there is a blanket and cushion laid out. You lead me over and take a seat on the tailgate with my standing in front of you. You bury your head deep in my tits playing and nibbling just enough to cause me to cry out in pleasure while you tease my pussy. You tell me to kneel in front of you. As I do I ask for my lipstick back. If you want it on your dick I want to make sure I do a good job. As I fix my lipstick again you lower your sweats revealing your hard glistening dick.

As I lick up the wetness off your dick I can taste both your pre-cum and my pussy juices intermingled in my mouth. You love you watch me worship your dick and can’t wait to feel it slide down into my mouth. But I appear to be teasing you so you take both my pigtails in your hands and direct my head and mouth just where you want it. Directing the speed and pace as you slide your cock deep into my mouth. You tell me that I can touch myself but am not allowed to cum. The images of me touching myself again like I had in the car drives my passion as you feel my tongue wrap around your dick willing it to explode inside my mouth. As you get close you pull your cock out of my mouth and ask me to make sure your dick is extra wet and them bend backwards exposing my tits to the sky but use the other hand to keep playing with myself. I make sure I take one last long suck of your dick enjoying even inch and making sure to leave plenty of lube behind. As I bend over backwards still slowly sliding my fingerers in and out of my pussy you look at your glinting with saliva and lipstick telling me what a good girl I am and now it is time for my pearl necklace. As I bend backwards while still slowly sliding my fingers in and out of my pussy for your viewing pleasure. Being super careful since I know I am primed to com with just the right touch. You take your cock into your hands and stroke it while I watch turning me on even more. My sexual frustration turns you on even more and your stoke increasing until you can take it anymore and you cum all over my tits. I slowly remove my hand from my pussy and run my fingers thru your cum as is rolls down my tits and place them into my mouth and suck off our intermingled juice’s. You reach down and rub your juice all over my tits making sure they are fully covered in you. You stand up and pull up your sweat pants tucking my favorite toy away for later. You reach down and looking into my wanting eyes and hold out your hand and help me stand up. You fasten my bra and re button my dress. Kissing me and whispering in my ear, what a good baby girl I was and all good girls will get their reward later. As we get in the car to start for home I sit and wonder the reward will be. smelling your sweet cum as it dries on my chest. You thinking about the lipstick on your dick, your cum still on my tits, and how you are going to put me in the shower and wash my it off me later so the games can start all over later. All these thoughts start to cause your dick to harden yet again making you wonder if you are going to make it home before you feel the need to dip your dick in that hot wet pussy again, or if you should just get me back to the room where you can tie me up and remind me that all of me belongs to you to do as you wish. Which I happily give to you alone.

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